Buy bread

“It’s the best bread I’ve ever had.”

—Satisfied customer

While our primary focus is the maintenance of high performance sourdough cultures, we also occasionally offer our own breads for sale.

What kind of bread?

A full loaf has a 22-23 cm diameter, is 9-10 cm high and weighs between 750-800 grams.

A full loaf costs 60 kr.

A half loaf, 375-400 grams.

A half loaf is 30 kr.

How do I buy?

Breads are only available for pre-order. You can follow @sourdoughinn on Instagram and/or sign up for our bread notification newsletter.

When bread is available for pre-order you reach out and say how much you want and your phone number. If you’re lucky and it isn’t sold out you will receive a payment request via MobilePay. Once you pay your order is confirmed and you can pick up your bread at the time specified.